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ASTEC® Re-Ply Roofing Systems

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Save money with an ASTEC® Re-Ply Roofing System

Replacing your commercial roof can be very expensive. Avoid the high costs with help from Pacific Commercial Roofing. We offer the ASTEC® Re-Ply Roofing System, which can be directly applied over your existing roof. You'll not only save money, but you'll also have the long-lasting protection your building deserves!

Learn about the ASTEC® Re-Ply Roofing System benefits

Enjoy installation savings of up to 50% or more

ASTEC® Re-Ply fluid-applied roof systems can be installed directly over most traditional roof substrates, which eliminates tear-off costs, land-fill fees, reconstruction, and extended facility disruptions.

Innovative ASTEC® ceramic technology

ASTEC's proprietary ceramic formulation enhance key properties of elastomeric coating in the areas of UV deterioration, heat resistance, abrasion resistance, strength, and longevity.

A better UV solar shield

ASTEC® Re-Ply Roof Systems provide superior resistance to UV degradation when compared to most traditional roofing materials.

Seamless wind and weather protection

Once all joints, fasteners, and leaks are sealed, layers of ASTEC® Re-Ply base and finish coats are applied, which provide a seamless barrier to water and wind.

An effective corrosion barrier

ASTEC® Re-Ply formulations are highly resistant to a wide range of airborne contaminants, including ocean salt spray and acid rain.

All-climate stability

After it has cured, the ASTEC® Re-Ply surface will retain its flexible, watertight superiority in extreme of heat or cold and wet or dry conditions.

Reduces thermal shock damage

ASTEC® Re-Ply cool roof systems minimize the effects of roof expansion, which can cause damaging shifts, cracking, and loosening conditions.

Provide cool roof/green roof benefits

ASTEC® Re-Ply systems meet or beat all known public and private standards for cool roof credits and incentives. These systems save you money on installation costs, save energy, and help save our planet! ASTEC® white is "green."


This excellent warranty ensures your building is protected with a sustainable,
waterproof, and weathertight cool roof for decades to come. At warranty term, ASTEC®
Re-Ply™ roofs can be restored to spec, and you'll be able to renew the warranty at a
marginal expense.

Extend the life of your commercial roof with proper maintenance

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ASTEC®  Roofing Systems come backed by renewable warrantees! Contact us today to learn more.
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